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The term “free energy” provokes endless debate among scientists. A common “free energy” hunt on Google results prove this.

The economic region of free perpetual energy surely funds that for all intensity and purposes are available for free. Obviously, solar energy, and geothermal devises come to mind. Now some people will contend that these forms of energy are not in deed free due to the overhead costs of construction to harness the energy. To a certain degree this is true if you’ve ever seen what the cost magniwork free energy generator installation can do to your wallet.

Free energy by design aims to provide you with a sample of this “free energy”. And with the exclusion of the magnetic energy section  you’ll see that these ideas and inventions conform to the “scientific view” of free energy, which is explained below. The creativeness that has gone into the how to create free energy magnetic motors are available to everybody, free of charge.

The scientific setting of free motion  goes hand in fist with perpetual energy. Scientists argue that, according to the first step of thermodynamics, energy can only be transformed, but not created. To harness what we can not see, we create a free energy generator. The heat created by this generator causes loss of energy, therefore we have to move other energy into its place to continue the motion.

Museums are full of unworkable devices that was suppose to create unlimited free energy.

I tend to agree with the above view, but I also believe that there are laws of replenishing lost energy from heat and bring it back into the procedure as usable energy designs. Regenerative decelerating is an model of this.

Contrary to this, other researcher argue that perpetual motion law is a reality that is possible on an atomic level. After all, the particles in a billion-year-old rock have been vibrating for eons without the need to replenish their supply.

Regardless of the “true meaning” of free energy, I’m sure we’ll all agree that, when you compare normal paid-for electricity with solar generated electricity, the solar electricity is, in fact, free. Also, the data on this web site refers toFree eneergy Device this as energy that is available at no cost.

Of course, governments, electricity suppliers and oil tycoons would rather we as regular people not see this type of material. As a matter of fact there are numerous stories about the inventors of free energy designs that once the devises are up and running and proven to work…all of a sudden the investors and CEOs of energy corporations and government offices find ways of discouraging any mass production of the designs.

People we as humans have the responsibility to do what we can to protect TERRA our earth for our children and there children to come. If we can produce and supply just one free energy generator for ourselves and show someone else how to do it it would not be long before free energy home generators would be the way of the future.

Remember teaching a person to fish…feeds them for a life time.

To give you an example, J.P.Morgan, the tycoon, withdrew funding for Nikola Tesla’s Waredenclyffe facility at the commencement of the 20th century when he learned that there would be no method to control the billing of wireless electricity to consumers. Once again, greed stood in the technique of progress.